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She came!  I'm sure most of you are well aware of this by now, but last Thursday, our little bundle decided to come into this world a full week early.  We are so proud to welcome Lillian Estelle Franks, "Stella", to our little family.  We just knew it'd be a girl!  She's been an absolute blessing and joy to us all.  I haven't decided yet if she's just an "easy" baby or she's waiting to reveal her true, wild Franks/Hindman heritage (haha), but so far she's been quite a delight!

A brief synopsis:
I started having contractions last Wednesday night, just before my Aqua Zumba class- they were mild, just regular and frequent.  After class I came home and Michael and I furiously finished all relevant to do lists, just in case.  After making a call to the doctor, we all decided it probably wasn't real labor- so I settled my mind, put the boys to bed and grabbed a few hours of sleep.  

When I woke up, the contractions came back and they were stronger.  So, Michael stayed home from work, I took Caz to school, and we waited for them to get a little more intense.  I decided once I couldn't talk through them, we should probably call family to head up from Tyler and finish packing the hospital bag.  This was around 9am.

Less than 5 hours later, our little pink bundle was in our arms!  Stella was born at 1:43pm weighing 6 pounds 14 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.  She scored 9's on her Apgar tests (woot! woot! for those who even know what that means).  Labor was swift, natural and drug-free (we just won't say pain or primitive-grunting free...check back for detailed blog with TMI on that subject in the near future).

Well...duty calls!  Here are some quick pics, including some we didn't post on Facebook:

Sweet big brother - he's done amazingly well!

 First visit

 Adoring boys


With Grandad (and a big hat)

First nap together- Caz in bed (right) and Stella in crib (left)


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